2017 Speakers
Paul Karasik - Keynote Speaker
Rob Hack – Operating & Growing A Money Practice
John Askin – WSP & Securitization
Mark Webster – ETFS Unwrapped
George Sigurdson – A Groupie Way of Life
Mark Halpern – The Critical Path
Jeff Mount – MFDA- CE and Signatures
Jason Broadfoot - Modern Way to Sell - HuGO Humania Ins.
Micheline Varas - Critical Illness in the Business Market
Julie Zhang – Women Market
Brad Telford - Panel
Bill Andrew - Panel
Denise Castonguay – Canada Gives, Donor Advised Foundations
Brad Brain – The Next bear Market and CRM2 Disclosures
Ian Whiting – Compliance-Proofing Your Practice
Grant Hicks - The Future Ready Financial Advisor